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A Process, Not An Event or "Is It Working?"

A baby's conception is an event; that baby's growth and gestation is a process.

Planting a seed is an event; the growth from seed to plant is a process.

A workout is an event; the body's adaptive response to the workout is a process.


I Admit I'm Nervous About This...

It is with great trepidation that I've decided to take a very big step. I'm going to put my picture on our website. I've even decided to do it shirtless.


What Kind of Exercise Should I Do?

What's the Wrong Answer to 2 + 2?

Is it 5? Is it 14? Is it Jell-­O? Who knows?

Creating an exhaustive list of all the exercise trends that aren't the best is like trying to find the wrong answer to 2 + 2.


CityWide SuperSlow Welcomes Mike Bradley

CityWide welcomed Mike Bradley, Strength & Conditioning Coach for Florida State University Basketball and Golf, on Saturday. Mike shares our passion for High-Intensity Training (HIT) employing this protocol with his athletes in bi-weekly training sessions.


Slowly but surely the ocean liner is turning...

The world is moving in our direction. Intensity is becoming recognized as more important than hours of exercise. Quality of exercise is starting to make more sense than quantity. “Some-is-good-so-more-is-better” cardio is losing its efficacy. The notion of building and preserving muscle from high-intensity slow strength training is gaining popularity in the face of steady-state exercise.

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