Meet Our Trainers

Denise MortonDenise Morton, Partner
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2002
Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise

A founding partner of CityWide SuperSlow® in 2002, Denise is part of the original team along with her husband, Keith, that brought this unique protocol and workout to the city of Chicago.

She trained with Ken Hutchins, the creator of the SuperSlow® protocol and received her certification under his guidance.

She believes this is the most logical approach to exercise out there. "Everything about the philosophy resonates with me. Truly, the more you practice this protocol, the more it becomes apparent that much of the information offered about exercise is misdirected or leads to poor results. Educating, as well as motivating our clients on how to be fit for the rest of their lives is a key component to our success. We sometimes laugh that a 20 minute workout once or twice a week and you'll be in the best shape of your life sounds life an infomercial, but in fact, it's true."

The real power of SuperSlow®, she says, is how it changes people's lives. "They get stronger, they feel better, they gain physical confidence and often gain a new or renewed outlook on the importance of being fit, especially as we age. I love being a part of that change."

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Theresa SnyderTheresa Snyder, CWSS Partner
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2005
Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise

Theresa began strength training more than 10 years ago and started training at CWSS in early 2005. Only several months later, her enthusiasm for SuperSlow® led her to become a SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer. Within a year, her passion led her to become an owner and partner in CityWide SuperSlow®.

Always a "work-out person," Theresa says, "I spent many hours in the gym doing a combination of cardio and weights because I love being strong and active; when I learned that I could achieve the same results in a fraction of the time I made the choice to begin training at CityWide.

"The environment we have created at CityWide allows people to see and experience changes in their bodies and strength. We are not a 'gym' in the traditional sense of the word but we are a community of like-minded people who make the choice to challenge themselves each time they set foot in our space and I enjoy the positive energy that our workout generates in our clients."

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Keith MortonKeith Morton, CWSS Partner
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2002

Keith Morton has been a student of exercise for 45 years. From his first set of weights at twelve years old, to becoming an avid runner, including many marathons and many 10Ks, Keith has always been fit. However, during his forties things started to decline: structural issues, hip pain, knee problems, and weight gain. All began either in spite of or because of many hours of exercise per month.

In 1998, while in an airport, he read a little piece on the concept of slow, intense exercise. That stimulated interest in research. Lots of reading and speaking to consultants, in addition to declining physical health, led him to experiment with the SuperSlow® protocol as his only form of exercise. He went from working out 40 hours a month to less than two.

Tremendous success followed. Injuries went away. Weight loss. Energy. Plus the added benefit of much more time to read and pursue his interests. This experience was so dramatic that his entrepreneurial instincts kicked in. He recognized that there wasn't a single facility that provided this kind of exercise in the city of Chicago. He then proceeded to open CityWide SuperSlow® in July 2002.

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Becky DieboldBecky Diebold
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2005
Slow Burn Method/American Council on Exercise

Becky Diebold is a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise and the Slow Burn Method. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Pre-physical therapy. Becky discovered SuperSlow® from her mother who was working with a trainer in Naperville to rehabilitate an orthopedic problem she was having. "After meeting with the owner of the facility and learning all about SuperSlow® , I knew that this was the philosophy of training I wanted to practice. Not only does this method improve overall fitness, but it is also a form of rehabilitation too."

For the past three years Becky has been working at a facility in Naperville practicing the SuperSlow® method. When she moved to downtown Chicago, Becky became the newest member of CWSS. Becky has seen tremendous improvement in her fitness from her SuperSlow® weekly workouts. "I have been active my whole life from being a gymnast for 10 years and then involved in cheerleading. I have tried many different types of exercise and SuperSlow® has been the most challenging and beneficial of them all. I cannot imagine my workout regime without it."

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Brent HadleyBrent Hadley
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2005

Brent began training using the SuperSlow® technique over 6 years ago when he found he was spending nearly 2 hours in the gym at least 5 days a week and not seeing the expected results. Like most people, he was intrigued, but skeptical to the concept of 2 times a week/20 minute workout. Soon after, he was amazed, he says, at the results: "Despite suffering from chronic back pain, I was able to move through the entire workout routine, which had not been the case with previous workout methods."

Brent left the business world in 2004 and seized the opportunity to fully realize his passion for a healthy lifestyle. He became a SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer in 2005. Since then he has further improved his health by changing his eating habits and in conjunction with SuperSlow® lost 25 lbs in three months while dramatically increasing his lean muscle mass. He continues to remain relatively pain free with his back, he says, thanks again to SuperSlow®.

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Andrew SherwoodAndrew Sherwood
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2005

For Andrew, SuperSlow® started by accident. "My wife watched a piece on 60 Minutes and immediately wanted to try it. Being the born skeptic that I am, I was dubious of what benefits it could bring me as I had been an athlete all of my life and thought that all I needed was to play football (the British word for soccer) and I would be healthy."

What he didn't anticipate was that it would supplement his game by adding strength and also protect him from injury. "After a few months of high intensity training, I was playing harder and totally pain free. The whole concept of SuperSlow® is perfect for the modern day athlete, the weekend warrior or people who are beginning to feel the effects of the constant pounding of the bones from jogging." Andrew says to start with, because it is slow, it is harder than your average workout. "But for me personally the most important thing is the safety aspect of the exercise. There is no jerking or sudden possible movement that could aggreviate or even cause an injury. As someone who coaches and plays soccer, I can still keep up a decent standard and keep with the younger players." SuperSlow® also appeals to his competitive nature in that it never gets easier. "I am always pushing to improve."

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Jim LavanJim Lavan
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2013

Jim has been a personal trainer since 1994 and was introduced to SuperSlow by one of the original SuperSlow master instructors. He quickly realized that his prior knowledge about Nautilus high intensity training had evolved into Superslow and it forever changed the way he looked at and thought about exercise.

Jim has experience in a variety of protocols and has attended workshops with collegiate and NFL strength coaches. He knows that there is nothing that allows any individual to increase strength, lean muscle mass and improve cardio respiratory fitness to the highest degree like SuperSlow.

As an instructor, Jim enjoys educating and teaching people the power and simplicity of this protocol. "With SuperSlow, you can train to live, not live to train." He believes that once you understand the nuances of the protocol, you will understand what an incredible powerful tool you have to help you live life to the fullest.

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Lindsey MongomeryLindsey Montgomery
SuperSlow® Certified Personal Trainer, 2015

Lindsey is a 39 year old mother of two beautiful and active kids and married to her college sweetheart. She is crazy about sports, fitness, nutrition, fashion, cooking, education, music, and the great city of Chicago! Throughout her years of coaching and training, she has learned that staying strong is not just for athletes, but for anyone who wants to take care of their mind and body and carry that over into all other aspects of their lives. The advantages of strength training combined with a clean and healthy diet are endless, and she is motivated by seeing you come to that same realization.

For Lindsey, it is time to return to CWSS and a career she is passionate about , and she is ready to get to work and help you reach your goals. Whether you want to gain muscle mass, increase mobility, recover from an injury, or become healthier as a whole, she will do everything she can to get you there. Lindsey believes in the SuperSlow protocol, has seen it’s numerous benefits both personally as well as for many clients, and knows it can be life-changing for those who are devoted and willing to work hard.

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