The day I got Denise on board

September 29, 2010

After becoming a believer in slow; super intense exercise I decided I wanted to open a place in Chicago where there was a ton of people and no facilities. It was fortuitous to be introduced to a young lady, Jessie Schoenfeldt, who had a desire to have her own facility but had no money. Perfect. I put up the cash; she was prepared to manage it.

I then thought "how cool would it be to include Denise?". I could simply give her half of my half of the arrangement and we could have a common interest. Some people go to art museums; some collect antiques. I thought it would be fun for us to share a business. And why not one we both had a passion for?

The next morning I brought her a cup of coffee and told her my idea. I was ragingly excited. I knew she would match me in enthusiasm. This was her response:

"I don't know...Can I still do my own workout"

Not what I was looking for. Regardless, I said "sigh, ok".

We then scheduled a trip to get certified by Ken Hutchins in Florida. He is the person who is credited with starting the concept of high intensity exercise done in a slow fashion. His certification process starts on Thur and ends on Sunday. It went from 8am until midnight. Frankly it was grueling. Loads of information. But the best part was watching Denise really get into it. She began to understand why conventional, volume exercise really wasn’t productive. Worse than that it could be destructive.

Slowly, her enthusiasm for doing her regular workout went away. By the end of the weekend she was a true believer.

Now she lives by our philosophy. She works out around 2 hours a month. Everyone says she's in fabulous shape. Hard to believe she’s had 3 kids and is at an age I’m not supposed to quote. Also...

Everyone says I married above myself.